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The Greater Good front cover.jpg

The Greater Good

by J. Edward Gray


"Breathtaking beauty. Insatiable greed. And murder for the Greater Good."

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- Coming late 2019 -

 sequel to The Greater Good

 Literature & Non-Fiction

The Greater Good front cover.jpg

The Greater Good


It's 1962. After his first year of law school, AJ O'Leary hires on as a summer ranger in Yosemite's High Sierra. He has taken a law enforcement job in a patch of wildnesss that has witnessed no violent crime in over a century. But innocence is swept aside when four wealthy hikers are found dead within weeks of AJ's arrival. AJ and Park Naturalist Virginia Alvarez join the FBI in the search for a killer with more targets on his list. Before they finish, they will come face to face with the man who believes some of the privileged few must die to serve the Greater Good. 

Lawyer and outdoorsman Jim Gray taps his experiences from the legal shark tank and Yosemite's beautiful High Sierra to create a spellbinding murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The next time you go hiking, you may think twice before venturing down the trail alone. 

Trouble at Mono Pass


What happens when a retired trial attorney writes about his alter egos? He crafts a story that pits two brothers in a struggle between good and evil. Jack Grier is an honorable man, a Union officer who served on General Grant’s staff during the Civil War. His brother Richard is an ambitious Southern lawyer and politician who defended slavery. After the war, they are drawn into a contemptuous relationship when Richard hires on as a lawyer for the Central Pacific Railroad in Sacramento.


The two brothers come to think of one another as the cause of all of life’s troubles, until a gang of murderers and thieves abducts Richard’s daughter and her friend in an elaborate  and daring kidnapping in the Sierra Nevada . The brothers temporarily set aside their differences as Jack leads a rescue mission in an effort to save the two young women.

New Garden


Two brothers, raised in the nineteenth-century Quaker tradition, take radically different paths. Jack Grier follows the ways of the army and Richard Grier the ways of politics. But although neither holds true to their family beliefs, they could never have imagined where life would take them—and how it would bring them full-circle back to their roots.


New Garden is the epic tale of an American family, swept away by the conflicts of war and the turmoil that resides deep within the human heart. Set against the historical backdrop of the Mexican War, the California Gold Rush, and ultimately the American Civil War, the conflicts facing the young nation deeply affect the lives of each member of the Grier family and are reflected in their choices, for good or for bad, leading to unforgettable consequences. 

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